Community Induction Training
A workplace training that compliments any businesses workplace induction for new and existing employees.


A Community Induction Program is designed to add a new dimension to employee induction processes. Traditional inductions are about teaching new employees the ins-and-outs of a new workplace, including policies, procedures, reporting lines, and more. Those are all vital to ensuring the new employee is familiar with the expectations of the business and able to acclimate to its operations.

However, workplace norms are changing. Between the work-from-home revolution and The Great Resignation, employees are looking for more than just knowing the job. 

What does it look like?

The Program consists of an interactive session tailored to the demographics and needs of the particular business or industry sector. During the session, employees are made aware of some of the most relevant support services they may need to draw upon over time, as well as provide them with the means and knowledge to seek out any additional services they (or their friends, family members, or colleagues) may require.

What we know

In CIC’s consultation process for this training, respondents were asked how aware they are of Community services, with 65% of people responding they were not that aware. When asked if they would have benefited from a Community Induction Program when they commenced their employment, 76% of people said ‘YES’.

During the introductory phase of the program, 73.5% of participants who attended the training said they now had an ‘extremely better’ understanding of what is available in the community. While 70.6% of participants said this training would have been ‘extremely valuable’ and 29.4% said ‘very valuable’ at commencement of their employment.

Recent research by O.C. Tanner shows that creating a sense of belonging within workplaces can improve employee retention by up to 43% and significantly reduce burnout and other negative mental effects. These are the specific targets that the Community Induction Program sets out to achieve.


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Program Includes

* Tailored sector training sessions

* Interactive face to face delivery

* Comprehensive resources for each participant

* Follow up engagement

* Builds workforce capacity & supports workforce retention


Hear from a variety of employees who have attended the training already.

"Wonderfully Clear and Efficient"

The Community Induction Training production is a wonderfully clear and efficient way to understand the depth and diversity of the Townsville community.

Michael Bromage


"far more informative than I expected"

It was far more informative than I expected and provided me with a very valuable resource, that is, knowledge regarding where/who to go to when I need something specifically in Townsville!

Aaron Konikkara Iype

"a very relevant and much needed resource"

This training was extremely beneficial and is a very relevant and much needed resource to our workforce, clients and their families, key partners and the wider community. I love the interactive delivery.

Joanne Bourne

Open Minds

"A Must-Do"

A must-do for anyone responsible for teams of staff or supporting others at work. A great way to ensure new starters really find their feet and feel connected within the city. Also extra handy for referring individuals in times of crisis. Half an hour well spent!

Susannah Greenleaf

Powerlink Queensland

"Very Useful"

“Very useful! Would have liked to see this when I first came to town. I would definitely recommend this if you are recruiting people from outside of town, and a great refresh for locals too.”

Tanya Busoli

Brighter Lives Townsville Hospital Foundation

"Makes You Think"

This induction makes you think! It touches all aspect of our society and our community. The benefits are far reaching would support our community to be healthier, more connected and feel supported.

Krissy Regan

Mission Australia

"Very Helpful and Informative"

Very helpful & informative for organisations and support of what is around our community for that are needing support and help. It can give you clear ways and companies that will support you in these matters.

Elly Saunders

"tools to find up to date, accurate information "

A huge part of my role is connecting our staff and our clients to services in the local area. This training has given me the tools to find up to date, accurate information about services locally that can assist my clients when needed.

Neil Filewood

Legal Aid Queensland