The Learning Links program is currently on hold. We are seeking partners to support the program to enable it to grow and contribute meaningfully to the development of a learning community in Townsville.

If you are interested in sponsoring the program, please contact us today.

Learning Links is a register of people who are willing to share their skills with others. It is a simple, inexpensive way of connecting individuals who want to learn a particular skill for enjoyment, self-improvement and friendship with someone within the community who is willing to teach them.

Learning Links is a return to local and community-based learning – a bottom-up approach to growing a learning community. It is envisaged that as community capacity builds then Learning Links will become self-sustaining and contribute to the development of a learning culture in the Townsville region.

ENGLISH CLASSES – We currently offer English classes on Mondays 10am to 12pm in the City Library.

Do you have a skill that you would like to share with others? We are excited to hear from you, so please contact us today.

We are looking for volunteers to teach foreign languages, arts and crafts, literacy, musical instruments and more. Please get in touch with the CIC to register your interest in volunteering to teach a course: CIC@townsville.qld.gov.au