BRAVE was the CIC’s 2021 podcast series. 

The idea was developed in response to the 2019 Townsville monsoon floods and the Covid-19 pandemic. These events caused considerable hardship in the region for the business community and individuals alike.

With resilience becoming a global theme at this time, the CIC decided to showcase stories of people who had overcome adversity, exploring how they did so in the hopes of inspiring others. The stories ranged from businesses devastated by the floods to people grappling with drug addiction, the struggle to escape from criminality, lifelong health issues, and much more. 

While most of the stories came from Townsville, we also visited the rural towns of Charters Towers and Winton, where the hardships and situations are very different.

Full audio of each episode is available within the posts below, as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

Helen Lynn & the Origins of BRAVE

In this first episode, our host, Teresa Hudson, talks to her colleague Helen Lynn about the origins of the podcast, Helen’s history as a former business owner, and Teresa’s own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

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